Nunavut Employees Union Collective Agreement

Covid-19 has already imposed excessive burdens on employees and has, for some, resulted in an increased workload, according to the union. According to the union, the error resulted in “unnecessary delays” in negotiations. “The defendant`s action is contrary to the obligation to make every reasonable effort to enter into a collective agreement.” The Nunavut government and its unionized employees have begun discussions for a new collective agreement, the Nunavut union reported earlier this month. “As long as the isolation points are in place, GN employees, like all Nunavummiut who voluntarily travel outside Nunavut, must isolate for 14 days at a GN isolation site before returning to the area,” he said. It`s a pandemic and people shouldn`t travel? Do you live under a rock? It is no longer March. . Everyone at Atlantic Canada is going there this summer and they have almost no case. No, it`s not just the bare necessities to travel. BC and the West are doing well and people are enjoying vacations and recreation from what has been the most stressful year many have ever experienced here in Canada. . In Nunavut, no, stay here or pay on vacation to sit in our clandestine hubs with garbage reports, unstable medical travel patients who dump them, and free exposure to important workers and new people who find themselves isolated. At home, no isolation or isolation work is offered.

. Travelling a-territory is essential for many residents for mental health, family and research. It is important that GN retains its staff, as it cannot employ more than half of all jobs, so it is really in the interest of GNs to allow it. . No, it`s people like you who say they suck, who have all the support in Nunavut, boats, quad bikes, shacks, family, life friends, etc., or who have cut all connections with the South that spits out this rhetoric. . People will stop in December. Good luck with running water, guarding prisoners and caring in a hospital bed in Iqaluit, if everyone stops. Oh, and enjoy paying for everyone to be reinstated and spring 🙂 to re-move. Good GN policy.

For people who think that the insulation in a hotel for 14 days for COVID19 is a “holiday”…. they should think about it again. There is nothing “relaxing and fun” about insulation in a hotel for 14 days. For GN, to think that COVID19 isolation to the south is holiday for employees is ridiculous. Hasn`t there been a recent article about the chaos and fighting that took place in GN`s isolation centres in Winnipeg? The GN should not dictate to people how to use their vacation time.

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