Coalition Involvement Agreement

You can also download and complete a physical copy of this agreement by clicking here. Please briefly describe your organization/business/expertise and suggest all the resources or services you or your organization plan to make available to the coalition (i.e. the provision of volunteers for events, a meeting place or event, promotion, education for coalition or community members) In concluding this coalition participation agreement, you profess that representatives of the partner agency and the community sector are committed to supporting the coalition and contributing to the creation of a drug-free community. Thank you for your submission. We will usually contact you within four business days. If you haven`t heard of us, something must have gone wrong, so call Linda Surks: 732-254-3344 I`d like to be part of the following task forces: Please identify the community sector you represent: I agree with the mission of the Coalition for Healthy Communities and its commitment to reducing youth addiction by strengthening cooperation and coordination of community services and resources. I promise to support this mission of change at the population level by participating in the Healthy Communities Coalition, participating in meetings, availability, coalition initiatives and assisting in the evaluation, planning and implementation of coalition initiatives.

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